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Hilights from a discussion on dirty clubs...

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

A dirty club can cause up to 1300 RPM of spin, and without every RPM lost, the accuracy of your shot decreases.

Some golfers over at debated this question for us, and came up with some very compelling arguments...

Let's start things off...

One of the causes of slicing is hitting the ball with the clubface open to the target line.  A club with grooves full of dirt can't spin the ball (which has nothing to do with the club position at impact), but ball flight can surely be impacted by dirty grooves due to the lack of spin.


If anything, dirt in the grooves will cause the ball to spin less, ie. slice less.

also true...

are you joking, right?  I'm guessing you are, because I don't know of a single low HC player who plays with mud caked grooves.........caked grooves= loss of ball control

We couldn't agree more...

I think if your swing is correct and you're hitting down on the ball to get the correct spin on a shot then dirty grooves will affect the shot far more than someone who 'picks' the ball and doesn't get the correct type or amount of spin. The greater the amount of spin you normally get, the more pronounced the reduction will be with mud-filled grooves.


*watches as all the higher handicap players intentionally fill their driver grooves with mud*


In any case, I always keep my grooves clean. I could never look down on a caked clubface.

^ This guy... we like you. ^

the grooves act like the tread on a tire.

Can it get any simpler?

I never hit a ball with a dirty clubface, though. Be nice to your clubs and they'll be nice to you.

Treat others as you want to be treated...

I can't stand to let my clubs go even 2 shots without cleaning them.

We could play a round with you.

I don't recall ever seeing anyone play with their clubs caked with crap.

Not anyone we'd want to play with, anyhow.

The one thing that I really notice with beginners is they tend to play with mud-caked makes me cringe every time I see it.

And there you have it.

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