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5 TOP Reasons to Keep the Grooves on Your Golf Club CLEAN

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

At FootCaddy we are dedicated to keeping your clubs clean so you can perform your best on the course and focus on what matters - your swing. But what happens when the grooves on your golf club are dirty? Why is this so important? Read below:

1) Grooves create spin. The grooves on your club are what create the drag and lift force of the golf ball. Without clean grooves, or with grooves partially obscured by debris, you cannot have consistent performance out of your club. So take the time to clean your grooves before you swing - you deserve accuracy.

2) The geometry of your grooves is specific to your club. Each club has a specific groove pattern determined by the maker of the club. Grooves are not randomly assigned, rather they are designed to set you up for success. Trust the manufacturer of your club, and keep their grooves clean so they can perform the way they were made to.

3) Clean grooves reduce the chance of fliers. Research shows you can lose up to 1,300 RPM of spin if you don't keep your grooves clean.

4) Groves prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions.Did you know that your ball will hydroplane off the face of a wet golf club, because there is nowhere for the water to escape to?

5) Without grooves, you lose control. Grooves prevent your ball from sliding up the face in all conditions. The only exception to this is when hitting out of a bunker - but you never wind up there, anyway.

Many thanks to Today's Golfer for collecting this important information.

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